Our team at Fox Windows works with every client to understand each project’s specifications. Each product is constructed only after the designs have been submitted to DAKO. As such, each product has the full attention of DAKO’s team. DAKO is renowned throughout Europe for their meticulous attention to detail and impeccable manufacturing. DAKO’s design aesthetic is firmly rooted in classic European design principles featuring clean, simple lines, flawless glass and joinery, and hand-brushed metals. All DAKO products are tested and certified by the NCTL (National Certified Testing Laboratories) for their structural integrity and all thermal ratings. The NCTL is the architectural and building industry’s most stringent and well-recognized independent testing lab. DAKO voluntarily undergoes this certification to ensure utmost adherence to the highest quality.

Contemporary Style and Custom Design Products
Fox Windows  provides custom windows and doors for builders, architects and homeowners. We  offer our clients all options of DAKO made products . This includes windows, patio doors, front entry doors,  garage doors and custom fitted blinds and shutters. Please see our product sections for detailed information about the innovative and aesthetically broad range of Fox Window’s available windows and door options.

For more information on Fox Window’s  products, we hope you can find much of the information you need on our website. Please feel free to contact Fox Windows directly with any questions or to schedule a free consultation. Our team will work with you using DAKO's full product catalog to design and build any of these items to your exact preferences and specifications.

In addition to the doors, windows, blinds and shutters available through Fox, we also offer Dako’s Harmony Line. The Harmony Line provides a complete home door and window make-over. All joinery for all exterior doors and windows, including matching garage doors and blinds, is part of this holistic home package. The consistency in aesthetics when clients chose the Harmony LIne for their space truly creates an architectural marvel. While this sounds as though the price would be exorbitant, Fox’s relationship with Dako allows our clients to complete this total remodel for a cost that doesn’t seem possible. We are always happy to help our clients plan and design their own personal Harmony Line!

New to Dako’s product line is their Smarthome system capabilities for their products. Fox Windows is thrilled to offer this feature for our clients as an option. Smarthome systems make entry and exit from your Dako doors a snap. Additionally, Dako exterior blinds can be set via the Smarthome system to lift and lower at the client’s schedule.
At Fox Windows, we have a broad range of windows to suit any project design. Because we value quality, durability, and aesthetics above all else, we only carry and install DAKO products. All DAKO Windows are well-constructed and beautiful, so whether you prefer an all vinyl window, wood windows, aluminum windows, or composites of wood-aluminum or vinyl-aluminum, Fox Windows has you covered.

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Patio Doors
In addition to windows, Fox Windows also installs DAKO patio doors, which are some of the most innovative patio doors on the market today. Suitable for any imagined application, the options available are tremendous. In addition to their stylistic beauty, the locking mechanisms of all DAKO doors are designed and manufactured with the highest standards of safety in mind. Find out which design fits your dream and fill your space with more light, less air transfer, and architectural beauty!

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Front Doors
Front and rear entry doors can make a bold statement about a space. Often, doors are one of the first impressions someone has of a space. Fox Windows clients can custom tailor their front doors to capture the character of their space. Whether a client wants a more traditional look, a sleek modern entry, or an intricate overlay design, our front doors have numerous options for any aesthetic appeal.

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Garage Doors
As with all DAKO products, our garage doors are highly secure and made from only the most stringent manufacturing process for ensuring the utmost quality. All components are rigorously tested for proper operation and guaranteed integrity. Fox Windows is thrilled to partner with DAKO to provide their full line of products, including garage doors to our US market.

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Blinds & Shutters
In addition to high quality windows and doors, DAKO manufacturers a full line of perfectly fitted interior textile and pleated blinds, as well as exterior roller shutters. These finishing touches to your windows (and doors) complement and complete the sleek, modern aesthetic appeal while providing additional privacy, insulatory layering, and light blocking. Fox Windows works with each client individually to determine their desired aesthetic look for  blinds.

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All components of DAKO’s products are sourced from the best manufacturers in Germany, Poland, France, and Belgium. DAKO’s wood all obtains the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) ecological certificate, demonstrating their commitment to responsibly sourcing and harvesting the wood in all their products.
While there is no certification for silence, DAKO windows and doors offer the superb comfort of sound insulation, keeping sounds out of your space. The quality glass used in DAKO products helps prevent unwanted noise from entering while letting more light in using specialized Eclaz glass.
DAKO’s engineers are renowned around the world for their cutting edge innovations and their quality control team is second to none. Through each phase of designing and manufacturing your windows, doors, and blinds, Dako’s rigorous quality control checks ensure that each product meets their exacting specifications for lasting quality.


What Our Customers Have To Say About Us.
"I contacted Fox General Construction to helped revive my home that was original from the 60's. They replace all of my windows and sliding doors through Fox Windows. Our family is from Europe, and we and we are very familiar with various window types and formats. Mario and team were incredible to work with, prompt responses throughout the process, and now our home is not only updated and energy efficient throughout the seasons, but also the standout home on the block! We will work with Fox General Construction & Fox Windows for all of our home projects moving forward!"
-Andrew P.
“I’ve never had to purchase windows before and Fox Windows made it very simple for me. And the best part is, I LOVE THESE WINDOWS!”
-Derrick P.
“For our rental properties we always try to match the area and then provide our own touch to stand out. Dako has been our go to product that allows us to stand out, all while giving us a price that’s within our budget. All the features that Dako provides makes our customers happy, and the neighbors always inquiring about Dako.”
- MMNN Associates
"We’ve had Dako windows installed into our home ever since it was built. It’s provided consistent high quality and efficiency, that we’ve loved showing them to our guest. The design has kept our children safe and the house secured. Very happy to be part of the Dako family!"
-Marzena M.

Why choose DAKO products ?
  • We care for the WARMTH of your home.
  • We help to ensure the comfort of SILENCE
  • We know what to do to keep it SAFE
  • We know ways to achieve MORE NATURAL LIGHT
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